With the on-going conflicts between North and South, conflict in Darfur and the violence in the East of Sudan, the country is a ticking bomb. Ironically, on the January 9, 2010 the internationally community celebrated the fifth anniversary of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. Until the numbers of dead, tortured, fled, raped do not appear in the Western media on the scale it’s being reported on the catastrophe in Haiti, the Peace Agreement has apperantly not been violated.

On the mentioned anniversary, the EU issued a Declaration with the usual diplomatic language about the importance of the full implementation of the peace agreement. Of course, emphasis was given to the elections that “should mark the beginning of a new era of democratic transformation in the Sudan“. However, the stunning part comes, when EU is stating that they are considering a deployment of an EU Electoral Observation Mission. Only considering? Or rather, still considering? The elections are to take place in three months from now. If the EU is still in the phase of thinking about sending experts to observe what should be free and fair elections, we can be sure that the potential observer mission will be insufficient in expert-power and will not sufficiently cover Sudan’s territory. Let us not forget, Sudan is the biggest country on the continent, seven times the size of Germany.

A friend o mine, which used to work in Ljubljana as a diplomat, dropped me a line yesterday evening saying that the Exploratory Mission has just returned from Sudan. Their report will play a crucial role, whether the EU will be present as a human rights (political rights are human rights) observer when people of Sudan go to cast their votes. Or will the EU turn its head away? What we do not see does not violate the peace agreement. The same logic will be applied to the observation of the elections – if the EU does not send its observers, they cannot see elections that are not taking place in a peaceful environment and do not produce legitimate outcomes.

Does anyone have more information about the report of the EU Exploratory Mission to Sudan?