A short interview with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay, in which she is explaining the purpose of the 566 page report on the human rights violations in DRC from 1993 till 2003.

The report was in the making for the past two years and it seems like the main recommendation is that the Government and the people of DRC should find solutions for transitional justice. Although, the peace accords were signed, there are not being respected. The 200 raped civilians in August are not an isolated case of violence. Eastern DRC is not a region of peace, therefore, it’s hard to imagine a working lunch between the government and the rebel groups.

The voice of the High Commissioner is calm all the way through the interview. In her words, the 600 analyzed cases reflect the consequences of long term instability and conflict in Eastern DRC. Does her tone then reflect UN’s apathy towards endless grave breaches of international humanitarian and human rights law in Kivu?