Prospects of Peace is my personal contribution to the science of Peace and Security. On this small plot of digital land I want to create a home for ideas, thoughts, strategies about human security. We all have a just claim for a decent livelihood and it is the responsibility of the international community to guarantee us one. And then comes the question who are we? The peoples of the world. Without exception. No exceptions. No backdoors, no second class, and most of all no exclusions. After the genocide in Rwanda and ethnic cleansing in the Balkans in the 1990s the ways of thinking about peace and security changed. Unfortunately, the ways to protect people against violence did not advance. Therefore, here, I will elaborate about the theory and practice of the right to live with dignity.

Topics that will be in the spotlight of this blog:

Women and Peace, Sexual Violence as a Strategy of War, Post-conflict Impunities, Multilateral Diplomacy, Human Security, Responsibility to Protect, Humanitarian and Development Aid, Circle of Violence, International Institutions, Corruption.

Every week a new topic will be open for discussion. I am challenging thinkers (anyone can be one!) to comment, discuss, challenge, contribute, criticize, praise, for the sake of peace, just be active. Sometimes the theory will be put to the test of solid sense, the other time a concrete event will trigger a debate. The important thing is to be constructive and to produce a blueprint for a better future.