Visual Intermezzo

White Night, Paris. October, 2009.

Wake me up when the revolution comes!

Did you ever ask yourself, how long can a winter sleep last? Can it be that we are rocked to sleep every night every day by the sweet promises of the neoliberal ideology? Sweet dreams turned into a nightmare a long time ago. Why are only a few people screaming?

Foto: Katja Gönc


A hot day at work. August, 2007.

A few meters from the interstate road from Flagstaff to Tuba City  lies a field of dinosaur tracks.

Under a wooden stall Navajo men wait for curious travelers to follow a small handwritten sign leading from the road deeper into the Arizona desert. Once there, the tracks of instinct creatures complement the story of indigenous people in the US.

Foto: Katja Gönc

Weekly market in Antigua, Guatemala. July, 2008.

Astonishing variety of food items offered on this market is not reflected in the  daily diet of the Maya.  Unfortunatelly, these products are usually too expensive for the local population. In Antigua, that became a magnet for Americans eager to learn Spanish, quality vegetables and fruits are sold mostly to restaurant chefs and tourists. In the mean time, one of the main problems in Guatemala remains malnutrition.

Foto: Katja Gönc

Tikal, Guatemala